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Wood Refinishing

Are your wood floors, furnishings, bannisters, or walls scratched and stained or looking dull and dirty? Professional cleaning, repair and refinishing services can restore the rich luster.

Hardwood Floors

Whether your wood floor is just generally dull and scratched, or if it is damaged from pet accidents, water marks, or a failed finish, or if your floors have an uneven finish from moving a rug or exposure to sunlight in certain areas, professional wood refinishing services can transform your floors to a beautiful, like-new condition. Trained and skilled technicians can even replace boards that are damaged beyond repair, missing, or curled.

Minimal Dust

Although no refinishing process is truly dustless, your wood floor PRO will utilize a variety of methods to minimize dust, from vacuum HEPA filtration, to sealing off rooms, vents, and ducts with plastic, to thoroughly cleaning up along the way.

Wood Staining

The staining process is optional. Certain types of wood, such as pine and maple, are better left unstained because the inherent properties of the wood cause results that are blotchy and inconsistent. Other types of wood, such as oak or cherry, will accept staining properly, delivering fantastic results. Your PRO can explain your options and make the appropriate recommendations. Professional refinishing should leave your floors stunningly smooth, super flat, and absolutely beautiful.

Environmentally Friendly Finishing Options

New bio-based, low VOC products are on the market that are much safer for everyone, from technicians performing the work to family, guests, patrons, and pets. Talk to your Surface Care wood refinishing PRO about breakthrough technologies that enable safe and effective wood floor restoration.  

How to Avoid Common Wood Floor Problems

The most common wood floor problem is higher traffic areas becoming worn, dull or thin compared to surrounding areas. This is caused by sand, dirt, and grit on the bottom of people’s shoes being ground into the floor with each step. The best way to avoid this problem is to ask people to remove their shoes before entering. If this is not practical, using good quality mats at entrances can make a big difference on how quickly traffic patterns develop. Vacuuming and sweeping floors often can help remove any abrasive materials that make their way onto your floors despite your preventative measures.

Another common problem is scratches. Fine scratches and nicks, caused by high heels, pets nails, dropping heavy items, or other mishaps, may be unavoidable. However, you can protect your floor from scratches when you rearrange furniture or move other heavy items by remembering to lift the items or by using sliders underneath.

Wood Refinishing Isn’t Limited to Floors

If you have wood railings, banisters, walls, decorative molding, or other wood surfaces, they too, will need some extra attention from time to time. Professional wood refinishing services are available for virtually any wood surface.

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