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Wood Floor Installation

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Wood Flooring Installation



There are 5 major, different types of wood flooring:

  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Parquet
  • Laminate

Added to that, there are 3 different ways to install wood flooring: adhesive, floating and nail down.

Adhesive installation is exactly what it sounds like. Pieces are “clicked” together and held down with glue. Floating installation is the most common type of installation and is used when the subfloor is tile or cement. It is also used when the floor has radiant heat. Nail down installation is also what it sounds like. The pieces of flooring are nailed into a wood subfloor. It’s popular due to it’s permanent nature but if your subfloor isn’t wood, then there will be extra expense in creating that, either by tearing up your existing subfloor and replacing it with wood or using plywood over the existing subfloor and raising the height of the floor. 


Deciding on what type and color of flooring can be a daunting task. Do you have small children or pets? Maybe vinyl is best for you. If you need a long lasting finish on a budget then laminate may be what you need. Do you have a limited amount of time for upkeep? Parquet flooring may possibly be your best option. Do you want to install wood flooring in a basement? It might be best to explore engineered wood for that project. Are you in your last home and want something renewable and restorable? That sounds like the perfect project for solid hardwood. 

Color is another decision to think about. Light or dark? There are good and bad points to each one. Lighter colors can open up a room and fit in with most aesthetics and décor. However, lighter colors can fade faster than darker colors. Darker colors, because they are so popular, can increase resale value. Plus, they are less prone to fading. On the downside, they show dirt and debris more easily than lighter colors and they can make small spaces feel even smaller.

Looking at the areas of installation and your lifestyle will go a long way towards making the right flooring choice.

Professional Installation Services

Finding the right wood floor surfaces for your home is just part of the process; making sure it is properly installed is just as important. A Certified Surface Care PROS Partner installer can provide professional installation services for  your wood flooring needs.  As a customer, your time and property are important to you. That’s why highly-qualified technicians work efficiently and effectively to ensure your installation experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Professional installation service includes:
  • Remove existing materials from floors
  • Clean and level the surface to be covered
  • Measure the area and cut material to fit
  • Arrange materials according to design plans
  • Place materials and secure with adhesives or  nails
  • Apply finishes, such as  stains
  • Not all, but some installers offer furniture removal as well. Check with your installer to see about this option.

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