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About Us

Who We Are

Surface Care PROS is a professional resource and support organization
for quality surface care PROS and their customers.

At Surface Care PROS, you can find expert answers, solutions, and service providers for stone, tile, terrazzo, wood, carpet and interior textiles, polished concrete, metal, VCT and more.

The Certified PRO Partners in this network consist of skilled specialists in a variety of disciplines including specification, installation, repair, restoration, and maintenance. Each one is concerned with the art and science of surfaces—that is, they provide solutions that take into account both the beauty of surfaces and other important considerations, such as surface functionality, safety, preservation, and sustainability.

Each PRO Partner company is vetted, has signed a commitment to professional integrity, and has earned the right to be designated as a Certified Surface Care PRO Partner.

Meet our Technical Directors

Our technical directors include respected industry authorities with decades of collective intelligence and expertise. Take a moment to get to know each one.


Chief Technical Director

John Freitag

Stone Restoration Technical Director

Sharon Koehler

Technical Director

We understand the importance of your floors and surfaces.

We get that they are a reflection of you, that you want them to look amazing, that they are an investment the needs to be preserved, and that sometimes, your needs go beyond aesthetics to include other concerns such as sanitation and safety. We want to assure you that your floors and surfaces are in the best of hands.

Working with Surface Care PROS is essentially tapping into a wealth of collective experience from industry experts. Our technical directors are some of the most seasoned and respected authorities in the industry, and our PRO Partners are skilled professionals who share knowledge and resources with one another in order to obtain the best possible results for their clients. 

Frequently asked questions

Our PROS provide a wide variety of expert floor and surface services, from consultation to installation and beyond, but most of our PROS specialize in repair, restoration, and maintenance services.

Our PRO Partners provide surface care services for floors, countertops, bar tops, shower and tub surrounds, walls, doors and railings, and more, in both interior and exterior settings.

For property owners and managers, keeping floors and surfaces looking great all the time is a high priority. Proper maintenance entails a very specific, specialized plan of action. Many of our PRO Partners provide maintenance services and experience to maintain your floors and surfaces the right way. A well-planned maintenance program can eliminate the need for periodic restoration, even with heavy usage. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a PRO in your area. 

In most cases estimates and consultations are free. However, if your professional contractor does have to charge, you will be informed ahead of time so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Why choose a Surface Care PRO Partner?


Our PROS are skilled professionals who pay close attention to your specific needs and provide the highest quality services in order to achieve the best possible results.


Our PROS understand that their reputation depends on the quality of their work. Consequently, they do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of their clients.


Our PROS use the best products and the most effective equipment available to provide quality solutions that have been methodically tested for safety and outcomes. 


Whether you need one-time or ongoing services, our PROS provide consultations and estimates, so you will know exactly what to expect, with no surprises or hidden fees.

We have the solutions for your surface care needs


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We won’t be bugging you, selling your contact info, or otherwise making you regret signing up. We will just be sending you an occasional message with articles and our digital magazine, Surface BUZZ, from time to time (you’ll love it, we promise!) and on occasion a little reminder that we are there for you for your surface care needs.