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Stain Management

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Stop the Costly Cycle of Stripping and Waxing

It is often the practice to coat or wax terrazzo to achieve a polished look, but this solution can result in yellowing and form a layer that traps dirt. With this method, what’s on top of the terrazzo must be repeatedly stripped and reapplied. There is a better way. A natural polish eliminates the need for waxing, which can save time and money. In certain circumstances, a high performance coating may be applied to achieve beautiful and lasting results. A qualified terrazzo specialist can review your needs to determine the best possible approach to cleaning and restoring your terrazzo.

Honing & Polishing Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a unique surface, primarily found as flooring, that traditionally contains marble chips of different sizes and colors held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, with a resin or epoxy base. Aggregates other than marble may also be used. Using the same process used to restore marble and other natural stone, terrazzo can be polished to achieve both glossy and matte finishes without the need for coatings. This same process masterfully restores scratched and worn terrazzo to like-new (or better) condition, as well.

Sealing Terrazzo

It is important to note that sealing is not the same as coating or waxing and is an important, but simple measure that can be taken to help prevent staining once the terrazzo has been restored and thoroughly cleaned. Properly sealed and maintained terrazzo will inhibit staining agents from being able to penetrate into the surface.

Specialty Solutions for Terrazzo

A Surface Care PROS Partner that is trained and certified in specialty coatings can treat your terrazzo with a high performance, EPA compliant, low VOC coating, that won’t trap dirt or turn yellow. The coating system increases slip resistance and has antimicrobial properties to reduce the risk of secondary infection, so it’s great for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, gyms and more. With this coating, your floors and surfaces can not only look better and last longer, but become easier to maintain — which means you’ll save time and money in maintenance costs.

Terrazzo Damage

Like any other surface that sees traffic and use, terrazzo can become chipped and cracked. Many of these damages can be repaired. Ask your terrazzo restoration PRO to evaluate your terrazzo to see what can be done.

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