We are natural stone, tile and grout restoration experts, with a passion for restoring your floors, countertops, showers and baths, patio and pool surrounds, and other surfaces to their best possible condition. You would rather be enjoying your fine surfaces than fixing or cleaning them. Leave the complicated and difficult job of cleaning and restoring your fine surfaces to SurfaceCare Pros. Our knowledgeable and reliable craftsmen understand the value of the investment your surfaces represent, and we’re not satisfied with our work until you are.

MORE™ Anti-Etch™ Countertop Protection

MORE™ Anti-Etch™ adds a new level of protection against stains and etches from acidic substances such as fruit juices and wine, improper cleaners such as bleach, cosmetics, and other substances. Learn more about this amazing solution.


Find your surface type below. Learn more about how we can resolve virtually any problem.

Natural StoneNatural Stone

Natural stone adds elegance and value to your home, and just like any investment, it needs to be properly cared for and maintained. Highly polished surfaces can dull and scratch from use. Calcium-based stones can be damaged by acidic foods, liquids and cleaning products. Even a stone as hard as granite can become chipped or cracked. SurfaceCare Pros can resolve all these issues and keep your stone in top condition.

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Terrazzo is beautiful, durable, and very low maintenance when well cared for. Improper cleaning products, old or yellowing coatings or other topical treatments and just plain wear and tear can greatly diminish its appearance and functionality. Our natural restoration methods give your terrazzo surfaces the TLC they deserve, make them look gorgeous again, and completely eliminate the need for the stripping and re-coating cycle.

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Tile-and-GroutTile & Grout

Tile and grout surfaces can be stunning in their simplicity, awe-inspiringly complex, or somewhere in between. They can also be the absolute dickens to clean! If you scrub and scrub and the tile still seems dirty, chances are it’s the grout lines, not the tile itself to blame. We can deep clean and sanitize your tile and grout surfaces and then seal or color seal the grout to resist future staining and contaminant absorption.

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Outdoor-HardscapesOutdoor Hardscapes

Every surface faces wear and tear, but when it comes to challenging environments, your outdoor pavers, tiles, flagstones and other outdoor hardscape materials have it toughest. This means, of course, that it can be pretty tough to get them looking clean and like-new again, but the technicians at Surface Care Pros are up to it. We’ll clean, seal, repair and replace and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

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What you can expect from us

Value and professionalism. We provide quality work for fair prices and will give you an upfront estimate so there are no surprises.

Case Studies

See for yourself why our customers are consistently pleased with the quality of our work.

Case studies are basically pictures of actual jobs we’ve done, along with stories that explain the problem, our solution, and any challenges we experienced along the way. The best part is that they always have a happy ending.

Marble Floor After

Marble Floor Polished

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Granite Countertop After

Chipped Granite Repaired

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After Marble Polishing

Dull Marble Polished

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Houston Marble Vanity After

Damaged Vanity Polished

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Caring for your stone and tile

We make it a point to educate our customers. Did you know that improper cleaning is a common reason stone restoration is needed? Visit our Caring For It page to see our recommended care products and download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide.

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